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Here are some of the performance services we offer:

  • CNC Cylinder Head Porting for N/A, Nitrous, or Forced Induction Builds
  • 3 and 5 angle valve jobs, Valve seat and guide installs
  • Turbocharger installs, custom built systems, + tuning
  • Supercharger installs + Tuning
  • Nitrous Installs + Tuning
  • Camshaft Degreeing
  • Machine work including: Cylinder boring + Nikasil Plating, Crankshaft lightening/knife-edging, head work
  • Overbore pistons, aftermarket camshafts, custom performance exhaust
  • Engine swaps(where applicable)
  • And Much More

For more information on how we can help you build your bike please message us. 

Our true passion in motorcycles has always been in performance. If you want to take your bike a step beyond basic bolt-ons we can help you achieve your goals. Whether its building a race winning drag bike, land speed bike, standing mile bike, track day bike, or just a high horsepower, well rounded street bike. We have experience with all forms of adding more power whether it be forced induction with superchargers or turbos, all motor builds, or nitrous. In fact, the shop bike is a highly modified ZX6-RR running nitrous that we race at the Texas Mile. What we don't do in-house we have a dedicated, and race/dyno proven machinist that handles everything in that area. To see a list of companies we are certified dealers/installers for please scroll down to the bottom of the page. No matter what you own we can make it faster. From mild to wild, we have you covered.

Building a high performance motorcycle consists of more than just throwing go fast parts at it. First and foremost, we sit down and talk with the customer to find out what their goal is and what the bikes primary purpose will be. Only then can we come up with a desired goal and what it will take to achieve that goal. 

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